ACTIVE LOCKING REAR DIFFERENTIAL The Active Locking Rear Differential** ensures the greatest level of traction in all weather conditions both on and off-road. A typical open differential transfers equal torque to the driven wheels meaning that if one wheel slips then torque transfer to the other wheel is also limited, which reduces traction. Whereas, Range Rover Velar’s All Wheel Drive (AWD) with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) † and Electronic Traction Control (ETC) † , both fitted as standard, go two steps further by distributing torque to both the front and the rear wheels, and by braking the wheels independently to improve traction respectively. The addition of the Active Locking Rear Differential delivers the ultimate combination to maximise traction through limiting slip across the rear wheels.

A second multi-plate wet clutch between the rear wheels can lock almost instantly to provide full engine output torque to both wheels. This can be especially useful to deliver effortless capability in low grip conditions such as patchy ice, wet grass or during wheel articulation off-road. It also provides maximum traction when exiting a corner, as when the inside wheel becomes unloaded due to weight transfer, the Active Locking Rear Differential increases the torque to the outside wheel. Search 'Range Rover Velar Capability' for full details.

Vehicles shown are R-Dynamic HSE in Silicon Silver with optional panoramic roof, Black contrast roof and 22" 9 split-spoke ‘Style 9007‘ wheels with Diamond Turned finish.



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