A vehicle’s cabin is the ideal place within which to experience your personal choice of music and Range Rover Velar has the option of four different audio systems to bring your music to life:



LAND ROVER SOUND SYSTEM (STANDARD) Outstanding acoustic range through eight speakers. MERIDIAN™ SOUND SYSTEM (OPTIONAL)

MERIDIAN SIGNATURE SOUND SYSTEM (OPTIONAL) This delivers truly life-like reproduction, creating a profound, personal sound experience for every seat. World-first Trifield 3D technology takes surround sound to the next level, the Signature Sound System includes 23 speakers including a dual channel subwoofer. Incredibly authentic, the sense of cabin space is expanded to a 3D experience – rendering all the instruments, performers and venues of your favourite performances in true scale and location.

Great definition, crystal clear highs and full, deep bass – delivered through the careful arrangement of 11 door-mounted speakers including a dual channel subwoofer. MERIDIAN SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM (OPTIONAL) All the fullness and clarity of a live performance delivered through an arrangement of 17 front, side and rear speakers including a dual channel subwoofer – seamlessly brought together using Trifield™ technology. Exclusive to Meridian, Trifield perfectly blends the centre and surround channels with left and right channels ensuring an optimum, consistent sound experience for each passenger.


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