Park Assist

360° Parking Aid

The optional Park Pack assists you with manoeuvring in tight spaces and in urban environments, it features: 360° Parking Aid gives you complete confidence when manoeuvring in tight spaces. Sensors located around the vehicle are automatically triggered when Reverse is selected, or can be manually activated, with a graphic appearing on the Touchscreen showing an overhead view of the vehicle. As you park, the Touchscreen display and audio feedback indicates how close you are to obstacles. Reverse Traffic Detection is particularly useful when reversing out of a parking bay, the system warns you of vehicles, pedestrians or other hazards, approaching from either side of your vehicle. It will alert you with both audio and visual warnings so you know what’s behind you even when the viewis obstructed.

The optional Park Pro Pack enables you to park and manoeuvre safely and securely in and out of tight spaces and into traffic that is obscured by buildings or other vehicles. The pack contains all the technologies within the Park Pack, plus the following enhancement: Park Assist (includes 360° Parking Aid) makes parallel and perpendicular parking easier than ever by steering your vehicle into a suitable space. You just have to select the appropriate gear and control the vehicle’s speed with the brake and accelerator pedals. Graphics and notifications guide you through the manoeuvres. Park Assist will also steer you out of a space, taking all of the stress out of parking.



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