Cornering Brake Control (CBC) automatically varies the braking force to each wheel when the vehicle’s brakes are applied around a corner and the limit of grip is reached. The system will prevent the vehicle’s wheels from locking up and skidding in this event through varying the braking force applied to each wheel. Roll Stability Control (RSC) is integrated with DSC to reduce the possibility of rollover, while providing agility and ability to steer around obstacles. It monitors the vehicle motion and cornering forces to detect any potential risk of rollover. When risk is detected, braking is applied to the outside front wheel to reduce forces which contribute to rollover. Emergency Brake Assist understands when you apply the brakes quickly but without the necessary force to maximise stopping performance. It therefore boosts the brake pressure through the ABS pump to ensure you stop in time. To help reduce the risk of a collision, the Emergency Stop Signal system automatically activates the hazard warning lights during emergency braking.

To improve safety even further, two ISOFIX points for baby/child seat restraints are fitted on each side of the rear seats and a comprehensive system of six airbags including driver, passenger, side curtain and thorax airbags are standard to protect you. For information on active safety features please refer to Driver Assistance pages 28 and 31. Search ‘Range Rover Velar Safety‘ for full details.






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